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BIDV bank branches Mong Cai

22/02/2016 11:58

Working offices, bank branches BIDV Mong Cai started construction on June 06/03/2013.

Projects office buildings, bank branches BIDV Mong Cai approved the construction of new infrastructure projects available co.Quy tissues including the main building with 6 floors and 01 basement with height works 28,4m wide on 990m2 ground. Building area is 369m2, the total building floor area 2.600m2.
Buildings are designed with office functions, fully equipped technical system fixed with bolts to serve business operations of the Bank include: System Intrusion alarm; CCTV systems; Telephone network systems integration computer network; Surge Protection system; fire protection systems; 01 elevators (750kg, 7 stops, speed of 1.5 m / s); air conditioning system sales center VRV system (VRF); termite. In addition, the ancillary items such as glasses, corridors and stairways are used bolts screws solidly constructed infrastructure are also synchronized with the main works.
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